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Image description: Several images of people dressed in revealing Halloween costumes. The title of the image is “Have a sexy little Halloween” and it is by Jullian Tamaki.

  • Sexy Alice (blue dress with a white apron, black garters).
  • Sexy Dorothy (a very short blue and white gingham dress with red shoes and a dog in a picnic basket).
  • Sexy Olive Oyl (black hair slicked back into a low bun, a low-cut red top, and black booty shorts).
  • Sexy doctor (tight white dress that looks like a lap coat. Her bra is visible and she is wearing garters).
  • Sexy veterinarian (very similar to the sexy doctor, but this person is walking a dog).
  • Sexy postal worker (a bra top, short shorts, bucket hat, and mail bag).
  • Sexy underemplyed contract worker (a tight low-cut blue dress, fishnet stockings, and a clipboard).
  • Sexy New York City subway rat (red and black bra an panties with mouse ears, whiskers, and a tail).
  • Sexy smelly old sock (a sock-shaped tube dress with stink lines radiating off it).
  • Sexy inflammatory e-mail (a red devil suit, complete with horns and a tail, with a tube dress that looks like an envelope).
  • Sexy Hungry Man dinner (thigh-high boots and a microwave tray dress with mashed potatoes, chicken leg, corn, and gelatin).
  • Sexy Virgina Woolf (a short, gauzy dress with matching hat and a black cane).
  • Sexy “Old Man and the Sea” (tall black boots and a large copy of the Hemmingway classic as a dress).
  • Sexy perfectly soft-boiled egg (thigh-high fishnet stockings and a very large egg dress).
  • Sexy inexplicable melancholy (mid-calf boots and a swirling blue mass cloaking the person from the waist up. They might not be wearing any pants)

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